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Social Responsibility – Helps to separate us from others

Our day to day practices with our customers, suppliers, personnel and our community  are deeply influenced by our vision. In 2004 we signed the UN Global Pact for Human Rights and Social Responsibility.  We feel being an active steward of our environment is an important part of what  a socially responsible company should do.  As a result, we joined other environmentally conscious  companies to work on these issues to be a part of the solution.  The Clean Production Agreement Group was formed by environmentally conscious industries in Chile and has been certified by the government for its efforts.

Perhaps one of our greatest efforts is to return to our immediate community – Romeral.  We work with the local schools to help provide a rounded education for our community. We offer school to work programs to help introduce leading and hardworking students to careers in the food industry. We are very proud to say that it has worked. Today many of these former students are part of our management structure and some will be our managers of tomorrow.

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