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Surfrut is a family owned company. It started in 1945 as a grower, processor, packer of fresh cherries. The orchards and processing facility were located in Romeral, part of the Central Valley of Chile and they still are today.  A lot has changed during the last years, including diversifying our product range, expanding our processing capabilities, new technologies, and new opportunities. However, many things are still the way they were when the company started. We still cultivate, process, and provide healthy and wholesome products for the international market. And we are both thankful and proud to say we have worked with many of the same customers/partners for more than 30 years. Rich are our experiences with our friends from around the world.


Surfrut is a leading company within the Chilean processed ingredients sector both for organic and conventional fruits. We are well known and respected by customers in more than 23 countries. We deliver our products direct to you or can offer via our distribution and logistics network.



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